Kids love the CASTLE MAZE!


The Castle Maze is a big fantasy play castle of tunnels and towers for children under the age of 10 years old.  Children rush happily into the large entrance and peek out of the clear plastic windows, waving gleefully at family and friends.

The Castle Maze sparks a child's imagination and is extremely popular for picnics, parties, fairs, festivals, or any event with large amounts of children to entertain.  It is a delightful diversion for kids at birthday parties and family reunions.  It can be set up in minutes on grass or any hard surface that is fairly flat, such as backyards, parks, parking lots, or even inside a gym or auditorium.

The Castle Maze provides hours of safe, affordable, easy to control fun!   The Castle Maze is the best bargain in children's interactive games on the market today.

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